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Miguel Dávila M.D., Plastic Surgeon

Being a plastic surgeon has allowed me to serve thousands of people. I appreciate the luck of being able to be an instrument to improve the quality of life of many people.

Plastic surgery helps people improve their quality of life, security and self-esteem

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A rhinoplasty expert is a surgeon specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery who has dedicated himself to perfecting his skills in performing a specific procedure, rhinoplasty.

Being a rhinoplasty specialist is very important, it means being able to provide the highest success rate to patients in each procedure, even if it is the most complex surgery within the range of nasal procedures. This is due to in-depth knowledge and advanced management of nasal anatomy, surgical techniques and extensive experience in performing this type of surgery.

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ARTISTIC WORK Surgeries are performed in an artistic way with highest quality, detail and care.
RECOGNITION Miguel Dávila M.D. is one of the best plastic surgeons specialized in rhinoplasty in Peru.
TRAINING  Davila M.D. is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialized in Rhinoplasty with worldwide training.
EXPERIENCE More than 15 years of training and thousands of surgeries performed.
TALENT Innate artistry and surgical talents are used in the field of plastic surgery art and science.
PERSONALIZED CARE I personally accompany my patients from consultation, through surgery and recovery.
SURGICAL SIMULATION I use my personally designed RinoART 2.0 computer simulation for surgical planning. 
SAFE SURGERY We work under controlled certified O.R. under supervision of specialized anesthesiologists.
FAST RECOVERY We use state-of-the-art atraumatic ultrasonic hybrid rhinoplasty techniques for fast recovery.

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