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Preoperative Indications

Weeks Before Surgery 

-It is important not to take aspirin during the week before the intervention because it interferes with coagulation. Likewise, discontinue vitamin supplements for the same reason. For the rest of the medications, it is advisable to consult us.


-Avoid smoking a week before the operation and do not smoke after surgery for at least a couple of weeks. IsIt has been proven that smoking can cause healing problems.


-Notify us if you have any pre-existing illness, special health condition or allergy to any medication.


-For those who travel from the province or abroad especially for the intervention, we normally have an appointment at the office one or two days before the surgery to do an in-person evaluation and take planning photographs. During this visit, the objectives of the intervention are reviewed again and any doubts are cleared up.


Surgery Day

-The surgery must be performed with 8 hours of helpNo, this means no food, liquids or water. If the intervention was performed during the morning hours, we recommend having a normal dinner the day before the intervention, and not eating or drinking anything on the morning of the surgery. If the surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, the ideal would be to have a light breakfast at 6 or 7 in the morning and then remain fasted. Breakfast can be tea with sugar and two cookies, or similar.


-Parrive at the agreed Surgical Center at the time scheduled for the intervention. Bring your identification document with you.

-You must have unpainted fingernails for intraoperative monitoring. All metal elements must be removed to enter the operating room.


-Wear comfortable clothing that you can put on without going over your head, for example a shirt or blouse, avoid tight polo shirts. The Surgical Center provides the clothing necessary to enter the operating room.

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