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If you are outside of Lima

How do I get a assessment for me surgery?

You have two options, you can come directly to Lima for your in-person consultation, or opt for a teleconsultation directly from your city of origin, saving time.

Where do I contact to schedule an appointment?appointment or a teleconsultation?

Request an appointment through our WhatsApp (+51) 977823297, you can use this link.

Who will evaluate my case?

Dr. Miguel Dávila evaluates each case personally.

Do I have to undergo pre-surgical studies?

Yes, they are always necessary ​and these must be at normal values to perform a intervention. These exams can be performed on youryour city of origin or in Lima. They must not be more than 3 months old, and if so, there must have been no medical event during that time to be completely valid. The only test that must be taken no later than 2-3 days ago is the COVID test.

How many days should I stay in Lima after of the operation?

It is recommended that you stay At least 10 days after surgery to safely remove the stitches and nasal splint. If the case includes taking costal cartilage, I recommend a minimum stay of 14 days.

How many check-ups should I attend after surgery??

After the operation we do a check-up close to the 5th day and the most important close to the 10th day when the stitches and nasal splint are removed. After that, the monthly control appointment can be made in person or online. Whenever possible, we recommend in-person check-ups in the office.


What hotel can I stay in?

The choice of the Hotel should be based on the comfort characteristics preferred by the patient and the proximity to the office and surgical center. We recommend the districts of San Borja, Surco, La Molina, San Isidro and Miraflores. We recommend checking hotels through Trip Advisor or Google Maps.

What are the postoperative indications for surgery?

You can find general instructions in the followinglink.

Why have surgery with Dr. Miguel Dávila?

Dr. Davila directs a highly specialized service in Rhinoplasty, he is an Expert on the subject, a Plastic Surgeon Ultra-specialized in Nasal Plastic Surgery. This knowledge comes from a long path of training and experience. Achieve natural results in harmony with the face They are the fruit of their deep dedication. It receives patients from different parts of the world on a daily basis. Dr. Davila is one of the best options for nose surgery. Ideally, patients should be operated on by experts from the beginning.

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